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Carwale Kolkata is leading pre-owned car distributor trusted over 50 years 

Experience the Smoothest Ride of Selling and Buying Second Hand Cars

Do you struggle to make ends meet so you can buy the vehicle of your dreams? Are your current financial struggles the main challenge? If your response is yes, then we are here to provide you with the purest pleasures of vehicle ownership, and that too within a budget-friendly range. You now have access to one of the most desirable vehicle models thanks to the development of top-notch services and our renowned used car dealer in Kolkata. You won’t be concerned about finances, money, or how to buy vehicles any longer. Having the car of your dreams parked in your garage will be one of the smoothest experiences of your dreams. It is an opportunity that you may have been looking for.

Aim to Make Car Dealings Hassle-Free

At our premises for dealings in second hand cars in Kolkata, we have carefully understood the population segment where people aren’t really able to make it to car purchases. Our goal and focus are to realize every car owner’s dream by providing cars at reasonable prices because we have a firm grasp of the market and are aware of specific customers’ requirements.

We have a group of enthusiastic people ready to streamline, simplify, and save you money on your purchases. Your ability to buy a vehicle that only requires the bare minimum can now be achieved by switching to some short-cut methods since saving from increased incomes, and reduced expenses may take longer.

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How Car Wale Kolkata Works

Choose from Thousands of Pre-Owned Cars

Our portfolio has been researched, planned, and crafted so that it always closes a transaction. You have the absolute freedom to select from among the thousands of previously owned vehicles that our team of experts has verified, tested, and guaranteed. Additionally, we are aware of the shifting market trends and demands and your changing requirements. Due to this understanding, we provide a money-back guarantee while maintaining our customers’ best interests at the forefront.

 Test Drive Vehicles at Our Location

We don’t just let you accept a deal; we also let you test the product so that you are fully confident in the one you are bringing home. You can buy used cars in Kolkata and settle on one of the finest by taking a test drive. This would assure you and the easiness on your pocket and bank balance. We have put a lot of effort into improving our facilities and are sure of the calibre of the test drives we provide. A car testing exercise is another option for your area. Therefore, you can quickly test, gain confidence, and move forward with the smarter decision to get a vehicle now.

Effortless Processes

All you have to do is look through the selection, pick a vehicle, reach a conclusion after taking it for a test drive, and then let us know. We would take care of every little need, from letting you buy the vehicle to arranging for contactless delivery to your doorstep. We are prepared to put your convenience first and have adopted best practices to make it possible for you to make online payments without stress or hassle. It’s time for you to pick the best car dealer in Kolkata who will allow you to store the most luxurious vehicle on your property. Don’t let deals influence you; act on them with a reputable dealer.

Why choose us?

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Test Drive Vehicles at Our Location

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Effortless Processes

What Our Customers Say


Car wale Kolkata pretty fast to sell a car with a good price, staff service is very nice especially Mr Srinidhi and Mr Mithun have given Hassle free transaction and professional service. Overall a best place to sell a car!
Subodh Kumar Shigh
I have recently sold my car with car wale kolkata and had a fabulous support from the staff of Kestopur, North Kolkata branch. They are prominent on the information and timelines. Special thanks to Mr. Rahul for the exceptional support on my entire deal. Extremely Very happy with car wale kolkata.
Falguni Chowdhury
It has been fantastic experience at park cursus branch of Car wale kolkata. Saumya ,it was really happy dealing with you people. Sandeep explained the process very meticulously and professionally . One visit and Everything is done. I must say - you guys deliver what you promise.
Susmita Saha

Why Choose Us?

We know how competitive the environment is and how challenging the duties can entail in this highly competitive setting. The demanding job of buying and selling used cars can be more than anxiety-inducing and may require some thoughtful efforts. However, now that you have access to first-rate resources like the best used car dealer in Kolkata, you are about to engage in the most idyllic and straightforward business dealings with us.

We work hard to provide you with top-notch services that you can rely entirely on, from the calibre of our work to the prices we charge for our cars. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to connect with one of the best vendors and buyers.

Here’s why you need to choose us:

A Knowledgeable Group of Experts

We are aware that shifting in a market is challenging. The dynamics may be affected by shifting environments and divergent needs. This is how our team has dedicated their time and energy to becoming the used cars in Kolkata.

 Our specialists are committed to assisting you in making more thoughtful, refined, and strategic decisions. As a result, you can depend on us because we will always do our best to provide you with top-notch services, from explaining the features of the cars to helping you choose a deal that fits your financial needs and allows you to save money on your purchase.

Providing A Larger Selection of Services

We never limit our service offerings to confined areas. We offer various products and services, including everything from financing to warranties to inspections. This is how we enable you to have complete faith in the agreements you make with us, knowing both the quality and the price you will pay are secure.

Therefore, the time has come for you to choose to make a hassle-free purchase with us, where we are constantly addressing your long-term requirements and desires of receiving a reasonably priced vehicle at your doorstep.


Our full transparency and disclosure of every little detail in your dealings make us the best car dealer in Kolkata. We never play second fiddle and work to maximize the possibilities of the transactions we are settling with you.

Our information stack is trustworthy to use, from being aware of the vehicle’s history to the repairs, accidents, and depreciated values. This implies that you can always make a knowledgeable choice, regardless of the activity—from buying to selling. Gain access to details about the performance, features, or other aspects of the car’s presence.